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Jill Yakas has been dealing in art for the past thirty years. During this time she has created a unique gallery with which many good artists are associated.

The gallery represents mainly foreign artists who are drawn to this corner of the Mediterranean for varied reasons - the dazzling white filter of Greek light, the landscape, the ruins of classical Greece, Greek traditions, travelling scholarships to paint, even romantic attachments. All touched or inspired by this country they continue in the tradition of the travelling nineteenth-century Romantics who rediscovered Greece.

The gallery, hidden away in an Anglo-Hellenic country garden, is relaxed and welcoming. Openings often spill over into the garden creating an ambience where ideas are exchanged, like minds meet and friendships are often made.

If you have seen work you like on this website, would like to see the original and are in Athens, please telephone for an appointment, or click on Exhibitions for exhibition dates.

Jill Yakas also publishes Fine art Greeting and Christmas Cards, many images taken from works exhibited in the gallery.


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